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Panel Upgrades

Back-Up Generators

With the recent severe weather in our area many families have been investing in home stand-by generators. Give us a call today to get a free quote on a home stand-by generator. The installation usually only takes 1 day to install and put into service so you and your family are protected during any type of power failure . We can also do your annual service on any brand generator to insure proper operation when you need it most.

We currently offer the following brands of home generators.

  • Generac
  • Cummins
  • Kohler

Electric Car Chargers


Our home’s electrical wiring is a very complex system that can develop issues from time to time. At Advanced Electrical and Communications we take great pride in our extensive troubleshooting and problem solving skills. We will determine the issue and correct it in a timely manner. Whether it is an issue with main service or an outlet in your house our team will take care great pride in fixing your your problem. If you have a breaker tripping , fuse blowing or any other issues please contact Advanced Electrical and Communications.

Wiring Upgrades

Our company is committed to providing  electrical upgrades to insure your wiring system is up to electrical code standards. We will identify all your electrical issues and explain what needs to be done to correct the problems. If your home still has knob and tube wiring , old bx wiring with cloth insulation , federal pacific panel , fuse box or open junction boxes please give our team a call today for a free quote.

New Construction

Advanced Electrical and Communications offers wiring for new homes. We only will use the highest quality material available for your new homes wiring. We know that your new home will be one of your biggest investments so we want you to feel at ease when you hire our company for your new home wiring. We will discuss every step along the way to make sure you will be completely satisfied at the end of your project. From new home wiring to a simple addition on your existing home , no job is to big or small for our company to handle.